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Your Local Guide After An Injury We Have The Experience You Need On Your Side

Our Salyersville lawyers are trusted members of the community. Each one brings decades of experience to the aid of those injured by reckless drivers, careless property owners and others.

Serving Eastern Kentucky Since 1995

Local Salyersville Attorneys You Can Count On

Anyone who loves hunting or fishing knows the importance of hiring a local guide. You want someone who is truly familiar with the game, the terrain and the hidden dangers. The same is true when you’re injured or disabled. You want a local attorney to be your guide, successfully leading you to the money you need.

While many personal injury firms advertise in Salyersville, McFarland Tinker is actually based in this town – and has been for decades. We know the people here and play an active role in the community. We’re not only your advocates, but your neighbors as well.

Whether you were hit by a drunk driver, involved in a truck wreck, injured on someone else’s property or harmed in another way, our lawyers can help.

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Motor Vehicle
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Social Security
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Dangerous Property Conditions
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What Makes Us Different

Here are a few reasons to choose us:

1. We are locals.

We are members of the Eastern Kentucky community. We live and breathe in the same counties we serve.

2. We offer hands-on help.

Think of us as your personal guides through every step of your injury case. You don’t have to travel alone. Plus, you will work directly with a senior attorney. We don’t pass clients off to inexperienced associates. Instead, one of our two named partners will personally handle your case.

3. We know how to combat insurance tactics.

Mr. Tinker spent more than 20 years as a former insurance defense attorney. He knows exactly how insurance adjusters think. In fact, he used to train them. This gives you a strong advantage in any negotiation or litigation with your insurance company.

4. We have decades of trial experience.

Both of our attorneys have been practicing for more than 25 years. In addition, the number of trials we have handled is unmatched by other firms in the area. This means you can rest assured that your case is in highly competent hands.

5. We work hard, just like you.

To take down large game, sometimes you have to go deep into the woods and get some mud on your boots. We’re not afraid to do the same. You can expect us to handle your case with the work ethic and grit that you deserve.

How We Can Make A Difference

When you become seriously injured, it causes far more than physical pain. It can affect your finances, leaving you wondering how you will put food on the table after the medical bills are paid. It can affect your relationships, especially if you lose someone close to you in a fatal accident. It can affect your mental and emotional health, leaving you struggling with the trauma you endured.

At McFarland Tinker, we understand, and we care. Let us assist you with:

  • Paying for medical care, physical therapy and other treatment
  • Getting your vehicle fixed or replaced after a car wreck
  • Covering the cost of your lost wages if you are unable to work
  • Compensating for your pain and suffering
  • Pursuing justice and holding the wrongdoer accountable

Medical Malpractice Verdict
Failure to correctly perform gallbladder surgery


Federal Product Liability Verdict
House fire caused by defective television


Medical Malpractice Verdict
Failure to diagnose breast cancer


Medical Malpractice Settlement
Failure to perform proper surgery and post op care


Medical Malpractice Settlement
Failure to perform proper surgery and post op care

Don’t Worry, We Only Get Paid If You Do

Attorney Donald Wayne McFarland
Donald Wayne McFarland
Attorney William Walter Tinker III
William Walter Tinker III