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What are the signs of nursing home neglect?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2022 | Nursing Home Neglect

You need to know the signs of nursing home neglect in order to catch something wrong going on with your loved one. If you have reason to suspect nursing home neglect in Kentucky, you can contact a state helpline or the county office of Protection and Permanency.

Frequent sickness

If your loved one is falling ill often, then the nursing home staff might not be keeping up with their hygiene needs. The staff may also fail to keep the room and facility clean. Whenever you visit the facility, remember to check how clean it is. If it’s dirty, take pictures to hold onto for evidence.

Unusual silence when the caregiver is around

Observe your loved one’s behavior when the caregiver is near them. If they have noticeable changes in behavior, this may be a sign of neglect or abuse. Everyone reacts to neglect and abuse differently. Some people may seem irritable during your visit. Others may become depressed. The key is to notice changes in their personality. Don’t be quick to disregard these as symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s. You’ll want to investigate further to make sure that nursing home neglect isn’t going on.


Unexplained bruises or frequent bruises are a cause for concern. If the staff neglects your loved one, they may fall and injure themselves while trying to take care of themselves. Bruises could also indicate that abuse is going on.

Rope marks

Take a look at your loved one’s hands whenever you visit to see if there are rope marks on their wrists. Marks on the wrists may mean that someone restrained them.

Unkempt hair

Caregivers have the responsibility of helping residents brush their hair, brush their teeth and complete any other hygiene tasks when they aren’t able to do these tasks on their own. If you notice that your loved one hasn’t bathed or brushed their hair, this means neglect may be going on.

Signs of nursing home neglect include behavior changes, lack of hygiene, unclean living conditions, and bruises and injuries. You should investigate further if you notice any of these signs.