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Car accident injuries may require multiple surgeries

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Wrecks

Thousands of road users are injured in car accidents every day in Kentucky and around the country, and many of them are hurt badly enough to require surgery. When accident victims are involved in extremely serious collisions, several operations may be needed to repair broken bones, reattach tendons or ligaments or treat traumatic brain injuries. Surgical procedures and long hospital stays are very expensive, which is why every state requires motorists to carry bodily injury insurance coverage.

Head injuries and broken bones

Airbags, seat belts and impact-absorbing car bodies have made motor vehicle accidents far more survivable, but head and neck injuries are still quite common when crashes occur at high speeds. These injuries often require surgery to relieve pressure on the brain, remove bone fragments or other debris or staunch bleeding, and follow-up procedures may be required to fit or remove titanium fixation plates. Broken or crushed bones are among the most common car accident injuries, and multiple surgeries may be needed to treat them if pins, rods or plates are required.

Internal injuries and soft tissue damage

The body’s internal organs are well protected by bone and muscle, but these natural defenses may not be enough to deal with the forces of a high-speed collision. Internal injuries are very serious and must be attended to right away, and treating them often requires more than one surgical procedure. Once the bleeding has been stopped and the patient has been stabilized, surgeons can focus on repairing the damage. Reattaching ligaments or tendons can usually be accomplished with a single operation, but these injuries can take a long time to heal completely.

The long road to recovery

Car accident victims who require surgery are rarely back on their feet in a few days. Recovering from these injuries usually requires painful physical therapy that can last for months, and some accident victims never recover fully. This is especially saddening because studies have established that almost all motor vehicle accidents are caused by some sort of human error, which means that almost all road deaths and injuries could be prevented.