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Actions after truck collisions

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Wrecks

Both new and experienced truck drivers face collision risks on Kentucky roads. Sometimes, the truck driver might be at fault; in other instances, the responsibility may lie with another commuter. Regardless, a truck driver must understand the proper steps after a collision since accidents often result in legal issues.

After truck collisions

Truck drivers should follow specific fundamental post-accident steps. Stopping at the accident scene is critical as leaving may lead to hit-and-run charges. Engaging the hazard lights and moving to a safe spot – if possible – could precede checking for injuries. Not all drivers will contact the police if the collision seems minor, but this could be a mistake. A police report may document essential facts utilized as evidence in civil proceedings.

Acquiring contact and insurance information from other parties involved in the accident is necessary. Getting contact details from any witnesses could help too. Photographing the accident scene and any damage to the truck or other vehicles is another common step that many take. Video footage of the accident scene could add another visual document to the compiled evidence.

Legal concerns

Victims involved in motor vehicle wrecks might file a lawsuit to recover their losses. Losses often involve bodily injury and property damage, and the at-fault party could be held legally liable to compensate victims. Sometimes, a negligent truck driver’s employer may share fault for an accident. Such might be the case when employing reckless drivers or not properly maintaining the fleet.

Insurance claims could be a way to settle demands for compensation. With truck accidents, multiple parties may face claims. Both the truck driver and the driver’s employer may have sufficient insurance to address the claims although suing above policy limits might happen.