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Property Liability Attorneys Ready To Represent You After An Accident

Owners and managers of properties are responsible for the safety of their customers and other visitors or tenants. Premises liability is a form of legal protection for people who are hurt on other people’s properties. “Liability” is someone’s legal responsibility to pay for others’ injuries, and “premises” is a term for all types of properties, including stores, offices, private homes, swimming pools and fishing docks.

If you broke an ankle or were assaulted on someone’s property, you may be able to collect compensation from them through a property liability claim or lawsuit. The sooner you have an attorney helping you, the better your case may be. At McFarland Tinker Law in Salyersville, we are available to provide the legal advice and advocacy that you need after an accident on dangerous premises.

Your Property Injury Case Will Be In Good Hands At Our Local Firm

Medical expenses, lost wages and emotional distress are hard to handle for people who have been injured in slip-and-fall accidents or lost loved ones to swimming pool drownings. A premises liability attorney can offer hope. At McFarland Tinker, when we investigate, we often discover clear evidence of negligence by the property owner or manager. For example:

  • Steps are worn or handrails are broken or missing.
  • Parking lots are not well lit.
  • Dogs’ owners do not keep them under control even after they have threatened people.
  • Building owners ignore fire codes.

Even if a dog’s owner has not done something overtly bad, they may still be legally responsible to cover medical and other costs for people who are bitten by their animals. This is because “strict liability” is the law in Kentucky regarding dog attacks. In other premises liability situations, the injured person must prove that a property owner or manager did something wrong.

Our Passion And Professional Skills Can Make The Difference For You When You Have Been Hurt

Did you fall into a hidden well on someone’s property? Were you accidentally shot because someone who was hunting on private property was not careful? Our premises liability attorneys can be your strong advocates.

One of our lawyers, Bill Tinker, is a former insurance defense attorney. The founder of our firm, Don McFarland, has had a lifelong interest in the law. Your premises liability case will be in competent hands if we represent you.

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