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When Is A Poor Medical Outcome Evidence Of Malpractice?

After suffering harm in medical care circumstances, you may feel confused and betrayed. What legal recourse do you have?

In fact, you may have a medical malpractice claim if you can prove that you were harmed when a health care provider did not follow an acceptable standard of care. To preserve your right to bring a medical malpractice claim, work with an experienced attorney. Our team at McFarland Tinker Law can help determine whether you have a case.

Examples Of Medical Malpractice

If your health takes a downturn after an operation or after you have consulted with a doctor, this is not proof of malpractice. However, errors and omissions such as the following are often signs that malpractice has occurred:

  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose: You reported symptoms to a doctor, who failed to order appropriate diagnostic tests. Or perhaps tests were ordered but a diagnostic lab did not report the correct results. Now it is too late for surgery or radiation therapy to be effective against your cancer.
  • Surgical errors: A surgeon may have operated on the wrong side of your body or left a foreign object in your body. They may have cut an internal organ and caused harmful excessive bleeding. Additional surgery is now necessary.
  • Emergency room (ER) errors: After you showed up in an ER facility, you were sent home with aspirin. Now it is too late to effectively treat your serious medical condition such as a stroke, heart attack or meningitis.
  • Medication errors: You or your loved one received the wrong medication or a wrong dose, with devastating effects. A physician, pharmacist or nurse may have made the mistake.

Entrust Your Case To Dedicated, Local Lawyers

Some personal injury attorneys will not evaluate medical malpractice cases because they are afraid of alienating doctors. Our strong reputation in the Salyersville-Paintsville area has earned us the confidence of the local health care community. We are selective about which medical malpractice cases we take on. We have the resources and skills to obtain verdicts and settlements in our clients’ favor when they have been hurt through medical malpractice.

Attorney Don McFarland has had a lifelong passion for the law. Attorney Bill Tinker is a former insurance defense attorney. Your case will be in competent hands when you become a client of McFarland Tinker. To schedule a free consultation, call 606-268-1615 or inquire online.