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Questions We Often Hear About Truck Accidents

Salyersville is connected to Paintsville and other nearby communities by numerous winding highways. In wooded areas with poor visibility, these roads are not always good for trucking. When trucks and cars collide, the people who are hurt need legal advice as well as medical care.

If you were struck by a truck while driving, walking or driving a bicycle in this part of Kentucky, you can turn to McFarland Tinker Law. With our years of experience, we are ready to answer your questions such as those below.

My family member was badly hurt in a truck accident in or near Salyersville and needs medical care, but they don’t have health insurance. What can we do?

Local doctors know about our good reputation as personal injury lawyers. We often persuade them to treat our clients who cannot pay yet. Meanwhile, we conduct investigations and prepare to bring injury claims and lawsuits. One of our attorneys, Bill Tinker, is a former insurance defense attorney. He often persuades truckers’ insurance companies to pay for our clients’ medical care and rehabilitation.

What are some of the main causes of truck accidents?

These are a few common causes of truck accidents in and around Salyersville and Paintsville:

  • Trucks often have large blind spots. Truck drivers sometimes turn, stop or speed without realizing that they are about to collide with cars or motorcycles.
  • A truck is much larger and heavier than other motor vehicles. Because of a truck’s powerful momentum, a truck driver may have trouble stopping in time to avoid causing a wreck.
  • Mechanical defects are sometimes to blame. Lights, brakes, tires, steering mechanisms or hitches may be in poor repair. Some truck drivers don’t inspect their trucks each day as they should.

My car was hit by a truck, and I’m afraid the wreck was partially my fault. Is there hope for my case?

Even if a truck wreck was partly your fault, you may still be able to claim compensation through an injury claim against the trucker, the trucking company or your own auto insurance company. The money you receive may be reduced because of your driving error, but you may still collect enough to cover many of your costs.

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These are just a few of the questions that our clients often ask. Learn how we can help you after a motor vehicle accident.

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