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We Take Nursing Home Neglect Cases Personally

As longtime residents of the Salyersville-Paintsville area, we consider our fellow residents of all ages and abilities to be our neighbors. You may be friends we never met yet, but we will soon consider you akin to family members if we learn that you or your loved one has suffered wrongdoing and harm through nursing home neglect or abuse.

If you or your spouse or parent has fallen, been overmedicated or developed bedsores in a long-term care facility, ask our attorneys to evaluate your case. At McFarland Tinker Law, we hope to make a difference for each client as well as for the community at large. In nursing home neglect cases, this mission is extra clear. A successful case can help keep our care facilities safer for everyone.

How To Know If Neglect Or Abuse Has Occurred

It may be hard to know for sure what happens when you are not around at your spouse’s or parent’s long-term care facility. However, certain incidents are often clear evidence of abuse and neglect in nursing homes, as follows:

  • Bedsores in a hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation facility are almost always evidence of neglect or abuse. When caregivers turn patients (or residents) often and keep their clothes clean and dry, bedsores – also known as decubitus ulcers – do not have a chance to develop.
  • Malnutrition and dehydration are also evidence of neglect. Even if elder or disabled residents of nursing homes do not want to eat or drink much, their caregivers should see to it that they receive proper nutrition and hydration.
  • A broken hip is another indicator of neglect in many nursing home settings. Fall injuries often happen because residents are not properly monitored or assisted.

These are some of the most common indicators of nursing home negligence, but they are not the only ones. If your loved one was burned by scalding bathwater or has developed unexplained bruises or skin tears, let us investigate.

If we represent you or your loved one, you will not owe attorney fees until we get compensation for you.

Ask Local Attorneys To Evaluate Your Potential Claim

With more than 50 combined years of experience, our attorneys are ready to get your case started right away.

To request an evaluation of your potential nursing home neglect case, complete our online inquiry form or call 606-268-1615.